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Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Epoxy Insulation Varnish

Electrical Apparatus Supply (EAS) is a specialist product and systems supplier for electric motor service applications. Our mission is to be the key partner of choice for supplying critical components and parts to companies providing electrical machinery services.

We serve maintenance, repair and overhaul workshops and service provides those services for electric motors, generators, alternators and transformers. These service providers critical services to the industrial, power generation, transmission, storage and e-mobility sectors.

Since 1982, EAS has been distributes products from reputable global suppliers to the regional market. Our technical capabilities and reliability have helped us earn loyal valued clients who rely on our products for their critical applications. Trained and well-equipped team members execute projects and provide the materials with the professional services that meet or exceed expectations.



EAS supplies specialised insulation materials for industrial and power applications. Our insulation material is sourced globally for the optimal quality-price combination.

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Supply specialised components and parts providing electrical machinery services including electric motors, generators, alternators and transformers.

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