We are an established supplier of electrical insulating materials serving the electric motor and generator repair industries.

Our Product Lines

  • HV/LV formed coils for stators, rotors and armatures
  • Commutators
  • Round and rectangular copper/aluminium wire covered with enamel, fiberglass, Daglas, Kapton, Nomex etc.
  • Insulating varnishes & Epoxy compounds
  • Rigid insulating sheets – G10, G11, GPO3, Bakelite
  • Flexible insulation – Nomex, NMN, DMD, Polyester film, Polyimide (Kapton)
  • Sleevings - 1.5KV - 7KV
  • Insulating tapes - Mica, Polyglas Banding, Polyester, Terylene, Kapton, Cotton, Fibreglass
  • Motor accessories – cooling fans, fan cowls, terminal blocks, thermistors, thermal cutouts, RTD, start/run capacitors, flexible anti-condensation heaters

Other Products

  • Binsfeld torque monitoring equipment
  • Minilec relays
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